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My Trip to Romania - by Fatty

Melinda and I just returned from 5 days in Romania.  We where visiting a friend and his family in Transylvania, which is not a town, but a region in Romania.  I did not know this and looked like a dumbass.  We stayed in a small village outside of the larger city of Targu Mures (in Transylvania).  Here is what I can say about Romania - One, don't go in winter - its frickin cold.  Two - it is full of extremes.  I saw brand new Porsches then a gypsy on a horse-drawn cart. 

Here is an example:

Gypsy Cart

Not having running water can be common in the smaller villages.  It was the closest I have been to third world conditions for sure.  In fact, we visited a town called Sigorsora.  Vlad the Impailer lived there for a few years.  I saw his house, albeit sans pikes.  My friend's Uncle invited us to stay in their summer house oustside of town.  No running water and heat from a woodburning stove was the order of the day.  It was interesting to live like that for a night just for the experience.  But having to piss 10 times a night in the freezing cold because you drank too much gets real old QUICK!  Plus you learn when the fire goes out, it soon becomes COLD as Hell!

OK, but there were some good things.  The Romanians are extremely hospitable.  Each house we visited (there were a few) we were given Palinka - a potent shot of alcohol, coffee, and enough cakes and sweets to stuff you.  If you don't leave their house drunk and full, they seem disapointed.  It all sounds fine and good until you find yourself going to house after house and being force fed cakes and Palinka.  Another word on Palinka.  It is BAD NEWS.  It was the stuff I got extremely sick on during my previous Budapest adventures.  Most people buy it from local distillers where quality and alcohol content are pure guesses.  It cannot be called palinka unless it is over 37% alcohol.  Most locals prefer their brews around 50%+.  One guy's palinka was so strong, that even diluting it with coke, I could barely sip it down.  Don't think I am a lightweight.  I handle the 50% alcohol stuff fine.  His stuff could be used to fuel cars.  At this point, I am looking at the nice drink offering as a potential poisoning.  I am sick of eating cakes whereas I am constantly stuffed with food.  I began to suspect that Romanians cannot recognize the words 'No thank you I am very full' in any language.  The last straw was when I went out for dinner on my new Favorite Food - Mici.  This is Romanian Sausage that is straight from Heaven.  On my last night, we went to a local Mici (pronounced Mitch) shop and I ordered the equivilant of two #1 Combos from Wendy's.  Yes, two meals.  I was stuffed.  Of course we had to stop by and visit a friend on the way home.  The liqour and cake show ensued.  You might think of outright refusing - well I did.  Then you take in perspective that this are very poor people (a lot of them make less than $300 a month) and feeding guests is part of their culture.  A guest that does not sit down for coffee and cakes is thought to steal the good dreams of the household.  So I choked down the food and rolled back home.

Another highlight, which I have to mention, was meeting two very hot, german sisters in Sigasora.  They knew my friend and hung out with us for the evening.  The even sugested a booze filled party, which I was open for.  Hopefull they will send pictures so I can post here.  Warning, one sister was 24 and the other was 16.  I was partial to the 16 year-old.  Is that wrong???  Laughing  Don't worry, their parents and my wife where present the whole time.  It was her dad that brought the undrinkably strong palinka - because their parents partied with us too.  Germans are an interesting bunch!

SO that is enough for now.  If I remember anything else - It will be posted! 

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