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Johnny and Fatty's Big Day Out!
Entered on: October 10, 2003 11:28 AM by BigFatty
The other day, Johnny came over to take our walk. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny. Our spirits were lifted as we began our walk and talked about how healthy we were being. Halfway into the walk we noticed how ravaged our bodies were getting through this intense workout. Between Johnny's bad hip and my sore back and legs, it was determined that we now had the bodies of 60 year-olds. Even Johnny's shiny new pair of sneaks could not chase away years of neglect.

Of course, after the walk, Johnny was hungry. He was trying to convince me to go and have a big breakfast at IHOP. I held our resolve and bartered our way to Wendy's instead. We picked up his daughter and headed for Wendy's for our healthy favorite - grilled chicken sandwich and a small chilli.

We noticed a new chillidog place right across the parking lot from Wendy's. This time Johnny was the voice of reason. We stuck to the plan.

Maybe it was our new found vigor. Whatever it was, our Wendy's didn't seem to satisfy either of us. We were both somewhat disappointed. I believe it was this disappointment that guided us not to Johnny's van, but straight across the parking lot to the chillidog place. You know when you've reached a new low when you hop from one fast food joint to another. On the other hand, those chillidogs were tasty!

Yes, we were having a grand time out. It was still bright and sunny. We were full of beans (literally). We could not end the day just yet! We went to the movies!

Johnny and I practically rented out the theater to see School of Rock. It was a near-private showing with a couple of jobless wonders (besides us) showing up after the start of the film. We both enjoyed the film, but found it more pleasant than hilarious. Jack Black has yet to show his true potential in a movie. This was a great showing. Get rid of the kiddy plots and I think we'll have a winner.

Yep - Johnny and I have not had a day out like this for a while. I'd like to quote Jack Black from the School of Rock to sum up our day:

I like to eat. Is that a crime?

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From: Ross Entered on: October 10, 2003 12:48 PM
Perhaps the gross overabundance of foodstuffs sabotaged your brains' sense of humor circuits. I thought the movie was damn funny. Granted, it wasn't full fledged JB material because it wasn't dirty as Tenacious D (cock pushups, discourse on "hard fucking") but the essential Jack Black was there and as funny as ever.
From: John Entered on: October 12, 2003 9:42 PM
Perhaps Bert, anything is possible.

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