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New Iron Man Movie
Entered on: April 16, 2007 10:00 PM by Crockett

Here is a sneak peek of the initial Iron Man suit from the new movie:


Looks sweet! I wonder if they built in an alcohol and drug dispenser for Downy/Starks. 



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From: Radmobile Entered on: April 17, 2007 9:59 PM
I'm in!  Iron man is a character like Ghost Rider for me, in that I'm not very familiar with his stories outside the Avengers team.  This should allow for me to enjoy the movie without nitpicking.  While some may question the choice of Robert Downey Jr., I think it's it's funny that that they picked a known substance abuser for the role of an alcoholic.
From: Ross Entered on: June 10, 2007 8:14 AM

I just watched the trailer for this movie called The Ten (which is about the 10 Commandments but doesn't appear to be crazy religious at all) and it actually looks pretty funny... the part at the end where they enumate all the actors in it is laugh out loud hilarious.  Anyway, I'm not sure how they're going to cover commandments like "graven images" or "no other gods before me", but whatever.  It looks funny:

From: Ross Entered on: July 21, 2007 11:01 AM

Pretty sweet new photo from the upcoming Iron Man:

iron man

From: The Bone Entered on: July 21, 2007 12:25 PM
Is that RDJ? That dude is a seriously sweet actor.
From: Ross Entered on: July 21, 2007 3:18 PM
Indeed it is.  My bet is that he's going to do a great job as Tony Stark.  Has anyone seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?  Pretty sweet.
From: Ross Entered on: July 25, 2007 9:33 AM

Also pretty cool:




From: Ross Entered on: July 31, 2007 9:28 AM

Interesting photos of the Mark I Iron Man suit:

Funny how badly this "armor" would work in real life, even if the wearer had 100% mobility (which he wouldn't).  Especially silly are the hard-drive power cables exposed under the chest light, begging for a bullet to sever them.  This thing looks more vulnerable than a kevlar jacket, if you ask me.  But it's still pretty cool looking.

From: Radmobile Entered on: July 31, 2007 11:59 AM

Here's a preview from the comic con.  Not sure how long it'll be up but it looks pretty sweet.

From: Ross Entered on: September 10, 2007 9:08 AM

The teaser is finally out:

From: Radmobile Entered on: February 4, 2008 11:57 AM

Here's a link to the Super Bowl Iron Man trailer.  It had some cool new footage.  I'm still excited.



At least I wanted it to be a link. Oh well.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: February 4, 2008 12:22 PM


Oh, was the Super Bowl on yesterday?  I forgot.

From: Radmobile Entered on: February 4, 2008 12:34 PM
Yeah, I didn't bother watching either. I heard about things at work today.
From: Ross Entered on: February 4, 2008 12:54 PM

I did see it during the superbowl, and it was pretty sweet.  I liked seeing Lebowski in the Iron Monger trying fling some whupass in Stark's direction.  Though the scene where Iron Man takes out a tank was a bit video-gamy.  Overall, I give it the thumbs, though.

From: Radmobile Entered on: February 29, 2008 11:28 AM

Here's the latest trailer.  Not sure if you've seen it, but it continues to impress me.

From: Ross Entered on: February 29, 2008 12:15 PM

Okay, I have to admit, that kicks all kinds of ass.  Color me excited.

From: Jackzilla Entered on: February 29, 2008 6:24 PM


From: Jackzilla Entered on: March 14, 2008 9:34 AM

The Incredible Hulk trailer

From: Jackzilla Entered on: March 14, 2008 9:35 AM

Edward Norton is sweet!  He used to F Salma!

From: Radmobile Entered on: March 14, 2008 10:47 AM

I know I'm in the minority here but I liked the first film a lot, with the exception of Nick Nolte's character.  I thought Eric Bana was sweet and did a good job looking like he was getting pissed.  I thought he was sweet in Troy also.  Perhaps I have a man crush on him now that I think about it.

As for the new movie.... I'll probably go see it, but it's not nearly as exciting as Iron Man or Batman.  From the look of it we'll wait the whole movie to see Hulk and then there will just be a battle for the last 10 minutes.  Hopefully it's better than that, but that's as far as I'll let my expectations go without further evidence.

And yes Mr. Norton does get mad props for hitting the Salmasita brand.

From: Ross Entered on: March 14, 2008 11:47 AM

The Hulk has never interested me much other than as an ancillary character for times when, you know, when you need something f'd up good. 

While I didn't despise the Ang Lee Hulk, I had no desire to see it again after my first viewing.  The ending was a complete train wreck... overall I just remember being a bit bored. 

For what it's worth, this one looks more promising.


From: Jackzilla Entered on: March 14, 2008 12:03 PM

Bells & I enjoyed the first one, despite its numerous flaws.  I hated the whole "dad" storylines and it took too long for the Smashing to begin, but it was fun in the Daredevil/Ghost Rider B-movie Marvel tier.  The new one looks like fun, but I'm more excited -- and have higher expectations for -- Iron Man and the new Batman!

From: Jackzilla Entered on: April 28, 2008 4:51 PM

It looks like IRON MAN is a decent movie!  It's currently at 82% on the tomatoemeter.  Ang & I are seeing it at 8PM THURS in Lowell if anyone wants to join us!

From: Swerb Entered on: April 29, 2008 9:24 PM

Just saw Iron Man, and it's pretty sweet! To generalize: Downey is (very) good, the writing is fairly witty and the action is mostly unremarkable. At two hours, it's a mite too long, but that's a minor quibble. I had fun watching it, so...

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 1, 2008 10:24 PM

95% on tomatometer!?  Holy cow!  Can't wait to see it!  We're seeing it 10PM on Friday.  Rad - Did you see it Thursday?

From: Radmobile Entered on: May 2, 2008 7:07 AM
No, I think we're going to see it in the middle of next week. The crowds don't sound appealing to us.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 2, 2008 8:23 AM

WHAT!? Since when does opening night not appeal to the Rad?!  There must be some times to be had tonight!

From: Radmobile Entered on: May 2, 2008 8:53 AM
Well, I wasn't eager to skip out on Lost and the Office last night. As for tonight, I'll probably be chilling in Liberty City. I've still got the map laid out on the floor.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 2, 2008 9:22 AM

Natron saw Iron Man with Wonder & Parker last night and said it was full sweet and to stick around for the end credits.

Natron will be available Sunday to wreck havok in Liberty City.  Hopefully I can flex some powers and have him out Sunday in the ZAGNUT and we can all roll gangsta-style on Live.

Regarding The Office - That show is F'in hilarious.  Anyone that hasn't watched them all is a full turd.  For me it manages to fill the void left by Arrested Development.  I was late in getting into it (season 3) but so worth catching up with!

And Lost?  I love this show!  How many more eps we got left this season?  It's gonna suck having to wait again for more!

From: Bunky Entered on: May 2, 2008 9:45 AM
You know Zilla, Steve Carrell is no Dane Cook.... I just thought I would mention that....
From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 2, 2008 10:01 AM

Supplyguyz is full crazy, Bunky.

From: Bunky Entered on: May 2, 2008 10:03 AM
From: NickNick Entered on: May 2, 2008 11:25 AM
So wait? You're implying that Dane is funnier than Steve Carrell??? I'll admit, he's more animated, but I prefer the more subtle humor. Don't get me wrong, Dane Cook is still funny as hell, but I just enjoy Steve Carrell a bit more.
From: Ross Entered on: May 2, 2008 12:42 PM

Lost is fully sweet again after a crappy beginning of the second season.  It's now better than ever, IMO.  Best show on TV, including BSG, which at the risk of being heretical, feels a bit sub-par this season so far.

Last night's Office was very funny indeed, though I thought the past couple episodes were among the worst I've seen.  So I'm glad it's back.  But for my money, 30 Rock has displaced it as the funniest sitcom.

Finally, Dane Cook sucks and by association, so does anyone who likes him.

From: Radmobile Entered on: May 2, 2008 12:48 PM
Yeah this season of the Office as a whole hasn't been that impressive. I still like it enough to watch it though. Last night's episode was certainly the best I've seen in a while.
From: Bunky Entered on: May 2, 2008 1:14 PM
Dane Cook completely sucks ass Nick Nick. It was reference to a comment made by Jack's brother in law who was making fun of us for talking about how sweet Steve Carrell is. He said Dane Cook was much more funny.
From: NickNick Entered on: May 2, 2008 2:15 PM
Damn it. I was baited. I still think Dane Cook had one of the funniest SNL's that I've seen in a long time. Employee of the Month was one of the crappiest movies ever made. So, wether it will get me ridiculed or not, the guy still makes me laugh.
From: Bunky Entered on: May 2, 2008 3:13 PM
I won't make fun of you for liking Dane Cook, but what the FUCK were you thinking even watching Employee of the Month and why would you admit it?
From: NickNick Entered on: May 2, 2008 3:21 PM
Jessica Simpson.
From: Bunky Entered on: May 2, 2008 8:06 PM

I hope you watched it with the mute button on. I don't care how sweet her rack is, she is a terrible actress...

Iron Man was full sweet. I have always been a fan of Robert Downey Jr.and he didn't disappoint me. I am not a big Gwyneth fan, but I did enjoy her in the film. I did stay through the credits. Thanks Natron! My 6 year old was amused by that as well!

I was excited to watch the Hulk and Batman previews as well. I am not terribly excited about Indiana Jones. I prefer the Harrison Ford Hans Solo model.....

From: jeurge Entered on: May 3, 2008 12:33 AM

Ross is entirely right about BSG. So far this season has left me cold. All four Roches's gave Iron Man a two big thumbs up. Robert Downey Jr. is full sweet as an actor and to look at. And Bunky, we will never get a new Han Solo Model. Indiana Jones is worth getting excited over.

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 3, 2008 7:28 AM


Swerb - Thanks for the heads up on staying through the credits (which go on and on, by the way).  Sweet ass teaser at the end!

From: jeurge Entered on: May 3, 2008 9:24 AM

Iron Man was full sweet, I loved it! A great start to the summer blockbusters.

From: John Entered on: May 3, 2008 9:27 AM

BTW, that last post wasn't from Jeurge, it was Bells.

From: Swerb Entered on: May 3, 2008 10:04 AM

Hmm... end credits? Natron suggested that, not I. I stayed for them at the sneak preview on Tuesday, and didn't get any "teaser" at the end... I been gypped!

From: Bunky Entered on: May 3, 2008 10:40 AM

So will you get to be Swerb Sweet for Sex and the City?

I don't get your column out here in CA, so if you mentioned anything about the end credits, I missed it.

I will only catch what you post on your guest appearances here!

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 3, 2008 3:51 PM

Swerb - Oops, it was Natron wasn't it?  You didn't get the teaser end?  Well...




After the credits there's like a 60-second scene with Samuel "Mushroom Cloud Layin' MFer" Jackson as Nick Fury (!!!!)  That's straight outta THE ULTIMATES series!  He introduces himself (eye patch and all) as the head of SHIELD and says something about gathering together the Avengers Initiative.  Cool for the fans, fo sho!

From: Swerb Entered on: May 3, 2008 6:08 PM

Bunky: I am Swerb Sweet for almost every movie.

My columns are here (for the time being - the website is sort of being very slowly overhauled right now and the url might change), if you're bored:

Zilla: Damn! I'm pissed I missed that! Thanks for filling me in, though...

From: Bunky Entered on: May 3, 2008 6:34 PM

I will check it out, not because I'm bored, because I am interestedSmile 

I will be looking forward to your review on Sex and City. I assume you were not a series regular.

I am also eager to hear your feedback on the new Batman.

From: Swerb Entered on: May 3, 2008 7:01 PM

As for the Iron Man mystery: Aha!

I totally agree with the Flick Filosopher on this point: "I’m mad. I’m audience, too. I’m a fan, too."

Thing is, it wasn't just critics that didn't get to see it - it was a lot of fans, as well, at the public sneak preview like I attended.

Bunky: Thanks for your interest! I also have a sorta-crappy blog here and an archive of sort-of older reviews here. Whenever I link to this website, I feel the need to apologize because it's so disorganized. Like I said, it's being overhauled right now, but it can't be finished soon enough (and even then, I'm worried it's going to be kinda crappy). And if it ever gets finished, I'm going to try to get my own page at Rotten Tomatoes so all of my stuff is easily accessible...

Au contraire - I've seen every episode of Sex and the City... I liked it for a while, and by the end of the series' run, it was getting tiresome. I'm interested in seeing the movie, but not excited, if that makes sense.

Now that I've confessed to even marginal Sex and the City fandom, I will now resume tending to my vagina.

As for Batman, that's my third-most anticipated movie of the summer, behind Indiana Jones and Wall-E (because I love cartoons and love Pixar, and the trailer looks totally sweet!).

From: Ross Entered on: May 3, 2008 10:58 PM

Just a bit late to the party - going to see Iron Man Monday night.  I will make sure to keep my cohorts in the movie thru the end credits.


From: Bunky Entered on: May 4, 2008 11:19 AM

I agree with you on Sex and the City. I wasn't devastated when the series ended, it had become a slightly annoying the last couple of seasons. I am curious about the movie, but afraid it will only disappoint me.

I forgot about Wall-E. I am also interested in the Hulk. I like Edward Norton. I can't imagine it sucking worse than the last Hulk.

From: NickNick Entered on: May 5, 2008 7:54 AM
I, not having a hard-on for the Avengers, truly didn't care for the clip at the end credits. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was quickly developing a bladder infection because I had to pee but decided to sit through 15 minutes of end credits to see Mace Windu aka, Jackson, as Nick Fury. Iron Man the movie was full on sweet. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect to play Stark and I actually ended up liking the guy at the end of the movie. Good amount of humor mixed in with the serious stuff. Jeff Bridges was pretty good as well.
From: Ross Entered on: May 5, 2008 8:43 AM

Can a brotha get a spoiler warning, asshole?


From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 5, 2008 9:08 AM







Ok.  Is it safe?  First... isn't Bert an ass?  How can he NOT have seen Iron Man yet?  Even Rad came to his senses and saw it last week (despite "the crowds").

Oh NickNick...  Have you read THE ULTIMATES?  How can you not think Sam Jackson as Nick Fury wasn't sweet?  I may have to take back your comic nerd membership pass.  And Jeff Bridges?  I've always liked him and found him to be totally under-rated as an actor.  He hasn't always had ace material but he's always good.

Ok, it's safe to read again, Bert... you lurker!

From: Radmobile Entered on: May 5, 2008 9:13 AM

It's true Nick. You're gonna have to borrow my trades of the Ultimates. It's required reading for the course. There will be quizzes worth 50% of your final grade.

From: Bunky Entered on: May 5, 2008 9:49 AM
Samuel L. Jackson as anything is sweet! Way to F up the surprise for Ross on his on site Nick Nick!
From: NickNick Entered on: May 5, 2008 10:19 AM
Shit!! I was thinking that Ross was full nerd with the rest of us. I didn't think that he would make a responsible to not see the movie yet. .... And then there's the part where Iron Man makes toast for breakfast, with a toaster in his crotch, after banging Gwenneth. That part was cool!!
From: Ross Entered on: May 5, 2008 11:17 AM

I'm going tonight, arsehurls! 

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 5, 2008 12:06 PM

Iron Man Blasts Box Office Competition with $104.2 Million Domestic Weekend Weekend

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios’ Iron Man blasted the competition at the box office this weekend on the way to a $104.2 million domestic take!

The film also raked in $96.7 million in 57 countries, where it started debuting on Wednesday, making the international box office total a staggering $201 million. Based on the success of the new film, Marvel Studios has announced a host of new comic films including Iron Man 2, scheduled for an April 30, 2010 release; Matthew Vaughan’s Thor set for a July 4, 2010 release; The First Avenger: Captain America, which will kick off the 2011 summer blockbuster season on May 6; and highly anticipated and foreshadowed Avengers
in July of 2011.


*WOO HOO!*  I hope they're as good as Iron Man!

From: Bunky Entered on: May 5, 2008 12:17 PM

Where is Fatty? They may not have Cheeseburgers where he's at, but I am sure they have a movie theater!

From: BigFatty Entered on: May 5, 2008 12:37 PM

With all the thumbs, Fatty just might make it out to the theater to check Ironman out.  They do have an orginal language copy or two here.  In Hungarian Ironman is called Vasember.

Bert is inspiring an avitar....  I call him Angry Bert (He is the one on the left).  What is the JA consensus?

From: Bunky Entered on: May 5, 2008 12:42 PM
I kinda like the one on the right...
From: NickNick Entered on: May 5, 2008 1:36 PM
Maybe a marriage of both. Take the beard and paste in on Bert and then, THEN, you got yourself an avatar!!
From: Ross Entered on: May 6, 2008 9:06 AM

Seems fitting.  Conditional approval granted.

From: Ross Entered on: May 6, 2008 9:07 AM

I did see Iron Man last night, and it was pretty flippin' sweet.  Much better than I would have thought (prior to the reviews, anyway).  I particularly loved Iron Man taking on the village full of bad guys - that was the kind of stuff I always wanted to see in an Iron Man movie when I was growing up.  Very well executed. 

From: Jackzilla Entered on: June 9, 2009 7:51 PM


Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2.  Also Scarlet Johansson is rumored to be Black Widow (and signed up for multiple films).

From: RobotSpider Entered on: June 10, 2009 8:05 AM

Mickey Rourke was great as Fallout Boy! Wink

From: Jackzilla Entered on: May 5, 2010 11:25 AM

Ok Swerb!  Word on the street is that you saw IRON MAN 2 last night... what's the verdict!?

And by the way, some of us are going to see it Friday at 8:15 at Celebration North if you want to join us.  I'd get your tickets early.  Right now we have: Me, Crockett, Bells and Jeurge.


From: Ross Entered on: May 6, 2010 3:08 PM

Here's his review.


From: Ross Entered on: May 8, 2010 8:30 AM

What did you guys think of Irn Mern?  Heather and I still haven't seen it yet, hope to see it next weekend.


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