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Entered on: November 23, 2009 2:46 PM by RobotSpider

So, what follows here is an identity-scrubbed thread from one of my "friend's" pages on Facebook.  I removed last names to protect the stupid.  I love jumping in on these conversations because people only ever expect people to agree with them. I know it's a long read, but I think it'll make for a nice long discussion (if it hasn't already happened before).  First, the payload:

Sara  Can we at least keep Christ in Christmas?
MERRY CHRISTMAS early to everyone!
All the retailers are saying "happy holidays".
I refuse!

I agree Sara - it's irks me when people say/spell, we're not celebrating the birth of "X"!

Ugh, I agree - I hate it when people write/say X mas...what's that about?

I agree! I wonder where "X" ever came from anyway?

It came from the Land of Lazy! :)

im with u on that one i just decided people r just plain dumb they will get it some day maybe at the end of there life

sorry that was a kinda bold statement im not here to judge

Yeah, I think the 'X' came from not wanting to spell out the whole thing. Laziness. I don't know that I agree with the assertion that people are dumb because they celebrate Hanukkah. Most retailers ARE selling gifts for several holidays around this time of year.
I do think the idea of "Merry Christmas" offending someone is absurd. If I bought something and the cashier said, "Happy National Turd Ferguson Appreciation Day", I have two choices. 1) I can say, "I don't celebrate NTFD" or 2) I can accept the fact that the cashier/business celebrates NTFD, understand that it's a gesture of good will, and say "thank you". If it's your business, say whatever you want. I'll still say "thank you".
But I am sick of the "war-on-xmas (ha ha)" debate. There is no war on Christmas. Just put down the tree-stand, have a seat and drink your cocoa. Let's not get into world-war three over whose annual season of peace we're celebrating :)... Read More

(btw, National Turd Ferguson Appreciation Day--2nd Saturday in January--falls on Jan. 9th this year. Get your shopping done early!)

wow sorry

I'm with Rob, though I think some people do carry a certain anti-Christian connection with their Happy Holiday. You might think it's absurd, but I've met these people.

Nevertheless, I think the Xmas thing is just an abbreviation. If I'm whipping out an email/letter in which I reference Christmas, I'll often write Xmas. But if I'm writing to someone to wish them Merry Christmas, I certainly take the time to spell it properly.

FYI: I'm not one of those "Happy Holiday" people, nor am I offended by those who are.

JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON ! :D Sorry, it had to be said ! ;p

I have to disagree that there is no war on Christmas. Over and over I hear that there is a fight on changing the day into a "holiday celebration" and not Christmas by many non believers.

I am simply saying, it started as the birth of Christ, always will be, and should always be in the future.

Now, I am totally not against a new holiday for unbelievers, and they can call it whatever they want. And then I will wish them a very happy holiday :-).
And I don't get mean or anything, I simply respond with Merry Christmas to you!
Oh, and I for sure want to throw a bash for NTFD!

Who is saying they want to change December 25th into a "holiday celebration"? I don't disagree that the weeks (or months, now, I guess) leading up to December 25th have become "the holidays". But I don't think anyone (any legitimate group) is advocating changing December 25th to a 'holiday celebration', are they? Besides that, I think the term "happy holidays" was originally intended as a short-form of "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". So if someone says "happy holidays" and you are going to respond with "Merry Christmas", you might as well respond with "Merry Christmas, but screw your new year celebration you Pagan." "Happy Holidays" means "I hope all the holidays (of which, Christmas may be one, but probably not the ONLY one) you choose to celebrate in the next few weeks are good ones, however you choose to do so". "Merry Christmas" means "Have a good December 25th".

Jesus is not the reason for the season. Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, on December 25th.
Sears, Walmart, Sony, Best Buy, et. al. are the reason for the season. Now, before you get angry at me for that statement, think about how much time you'll spend in church on Christmas. And how much time will you spend driving around, in stores, online, and on the phone shopping for gifts?

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From: Ross Entered on: November 23, 2009 3:11 PM

Funny, one of Swerb's coworkers had a column on this very topic a couple of days ago, and I commented a couple of times there, too.

There are many things that can be said on this topic, so I might as well collect my thoughts and itemize them here.

  1. Christmas is not exclusively a Christian holiday.  It has been co-opted by Christians over the centuries from earlier pagan festivals.  Scholars don't even believe Jesus, if he existed at all, was born in the winter, but rather the spring.  And anyway, Christmas hasn't even really been celebrated for most of the duration of Christianity's existence!
  2. Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa, reindeer, etc are pagan in nature.  Nothing Christian about them at all.  The erecting of the holiday tree predates any inclusion with Christmas.
  3. As a result of the above, as an atheist, I have no problem with saying "Merry Christmas".  There's no offense that Christians can give, since I don't let them claim exclusive dominion over Christmas.  It's as much mine as theirs. 
  4. I have no problem with Happy Holidays, either.  As Rob said, it originally was probably meant to mean "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year", but in recent years has been taken by many to be more inclusive of Jewish and African holidays (the latter of which is admittedly highly dubious).  But this is really where I get offended, because the right-wingers are up in arms that people would dare to not give them exclusive claim over the entire holiday season!  How dare anyone make mention of Hanukkah?  The nerve!  
  5. The War on Christmas is a fabrication perpetrated primarily by Fox News, Wingnut Daily, and the like.  Just because some retailer (and by no means most as someone in that FB thread claimed) try to be inclusive of other winter holidays does not mean they are therefore denigrating Christmas!  No one is saying that Christmas isn't the biggest component of the winter holidays, either!  It clearly is.  But what is wrong with acknowledging the others?  I honestly just think these people are a) looking to get riled up for the sake of it, and b) not thinking things through clearly.


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