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Vice City Coming to Xbox!
Entered on: July 16, 2003 9:42 AM by Jackzilla
July 15, 2003 - Sources report that Rockstar's mega-money maker Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be coming to the Xbox, possibly as soon as this holiday season.  
As many insiders know, the Grand Theft Auto series is supposed to be PlayStation 2 console exclusive, however sources reveal that Rockstar is circumventing the agreement by stripping the Xbox version of the title Grand Theft Auto, and simply repackaging the game as Vice City.  
Back in May, Take Two's CEO Jeffrey Lapin spoke about a major Rockstar title in development for the Xbox during the company's quarterly conference call with analysts. "We said that there will be an Xbox SKU from Rockstar in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2004 [Nov. to Jan.]," Lapin said, "but we're not going to comment on what it is at this point." It now looks like Vice City is that game.  
Vice City's gameplay will be identical to the PC version that recently shipped, and might also include additional features like custom soundtracks and downloadable content.  
Check back to IGN for the latest on this breaking story

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From: Jackzilla Entered on: July 16, 2003 9:53 AM
Another game I just discovered that's coming out this fall is called ROADKILL -- A mission-based car-combat game with 2-4 player split-screen deathmatch. It looks like Twisted Metal Black (PS2) with a little GTA element thrown in! AWESOME! Twisted Metal was my absolute favorite series on Playstation. I downloaded the preview video and it looks SWEET -- The explosions are super sweet! I like how you can run over some pedestrians and sometimes they'll stick to your bumper, dragging along while you drive a bit!  
It's coming out on all the platforms, but hopefully they'll soup up the Xbox version.

From: Ross Entered on: July 16, 2003 10:32 AM
I don't particulary care for driving games generally, but I have to admit that those screenshots look awesome. That could be a really fun gaming party game.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 3, 2003 11:23 AM
Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA: Vice City Double Pack To Ship This Fall On Xbox!

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 3, 2003--Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing division of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., announced today that it plans to ship the award-winning Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a "double pack" for both the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. The Grand Theft Auto "double pack" is set to hit shelves in North America on October 22, 2003 for PlayStation2 and on November 4, 2003 for Xbox.

taken from

From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 3, 2003 2:40 PM
Another game I'm looking forward to (and its due out soon) is THE SIMPSONS: HIT 'N' RUN. It's a GTA clone (free roaming plus side missions) and the advance word is that its FUN (most of the previous Simpsons games have been lacking).

Big Fatty - Are you going to update everybody on your new FATBOX? It's super sweet!

From: Ross Entered on: September 3, 2003 3:05 PM
I hope it's better than Road Rage. I would love for there to be an actually FUN Simpsons game. I bet even Swerb would overcome his loathing of all things Simpsons and give it a try, too.
From: Swerb Entered on: September 4, 2003 1:42 AM
Being a diehard Simpsons maniac, even I found Road Rage tedious after a couple of hours. Problem is, I couldn't figure out how to use those complex controls... two buttons, man! It's so far beyond my Atari 2600!  
Simpsons wrestling for Playstation was a bummer, too. So if any of you cats find Hit 'n' Run, y'alls better burn me a copy... I'm enjoying the Futurama game at the moment (when my carpal tunnel isn't flaring up), althought it's a fairly typical third-person game. I just like the characters and movies. I'm almost finished with it now.
From: Ross Entered on: September 4, 2003 7:42 AM
I'm sure we'll get it. Jack will download playschool games and shit, for chrissakes.
From: Ross Entered on: September 4, 2003 2:39 PM
Swerb - have you heard much about this game? It looks sweet!

From: BigFatty Entered on: September 5, 2003 12:01 AM
Thanks to Jack and many months of planning, the FATBOX (tm) has a boot sequence and menu that lowly mortals can only dream of! It starts with the colored XBOX logo from the Xecuter Bios, then the Matrix waterfall effect as the menu loads. Next it swithches to a video of the green X busting through the screen and a voice-over of Fatty saying "FATBOX" over the rumbling of thunder and the FATBOX (tm) name flying onto the screen. Finally the new menu loads with a XBOX theme and a video of Fatty dancing in the corner to the tune of Sanford and Son.  
In other words..... It's SWEET! Meaning it totally flips out and kicks ass - it's SWEET!
From: John Entered on: September 5, 2003 12:40 PM
Sound pretty sweet dude! I'll have to view the finished product.
From: Ross Entered on: September 7, 2003 7:40 PM
Jack, do you have Soul Calibur 2? Mine doesn't work - I have audio but no video. This is what happened to me with SC1 as well. I wonder if its a setting for my TV or something... I have applied the PPF patch they gave, too... nothing. Is yours working?
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 7, 2003 11:47 PM
I've had the Japan version of Soul Calibur 2 for a few months. Works fine for me.  
What do you mean this is what happened to you with SC1 too? SC1 was only released on the Dreamcast. I have that too and it works perfect. I can get you a copy (Dreamcast games on CD-R play fine on an unmodded Dreamcast by the way).
From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 7:13 AM
SC1 was ported to Xbox, dude. I thought you KNEW these things! :)  
And I'm trying the US version of SC2.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 8, 2003 8:44 AM
I have no knowledge of SC1 being ported to the xbox. Perhaps you have a bogus game (seeing as it doesn't work). Ack!  
I'm off to get a 250 GIG HARDDRIVE for the ZILLABOX today...
From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 9:49 AM
I was asking about SC2 anyway.  
Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It wasn't put out in stores, it was an underground type of thing, maybe it was done before you were into the scene as much. But rest assured, it does exist.  
However, now that I think about it, it is possible that I simply downloaded someone's re-packaged version of the SC1 port, and that's why it's behaving the same way. Hmm....
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 8, 2003 2:18 PM
Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

True dat, Rossinski, but it sure doesn't bode well! Are you sure its not a PC port that you got? There's probably a PC Dreamcast emulator, but I doubt the xbox has enough processing power to emulate a DC at full speed.

By the way, I just picked up a 250 gig HDD from Circuit City... $190 after rebates. Not bad... It's going into the ZILLABOX! Why you ask? Well, the endless pursuit of uber sweetness of course.

From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 3:49 PM
Jack, I am not an idiot. I was browsing the xbox forum on ShareReactor, where there was lengthy discussion of it. If it had been a PC port, do you really think I wouldn't have noticed? Why would there be a default.xbe that my xbox correctly picked up? Come on, man! Use your head!
From: John Entered on: September 8, 2003 4:22 PM
Are you sure about that? I mean the idiot part. :)
From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 4:32 PM
Is that Roche or Jack? I can't tell. Obvious jokes are so tiresome.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 8, 2003 5:03 PM
Ross - Um, use my head. Ok. How about: IT DOESN'T EXIST. Until I see different, that's what I'm sticking with. :)
From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 6:17 PM
Then you'd better start believing there's no such thing as atoms, radio waves, and a brain in your own head, because you haven't seen those either, asshole.  
You are not the be-all-end-all of xbox-related knowledge, jackass.
From: BigFatty Entered on: September 8, 2003 7:27 PM
Catfight! Fhhht, Fhhht - rawlllllllll  
Girls - quit pulling each others pigtails and play nice.  
Someone might get their barbies taken away.........
From: The Bone Entered on: September 8, 2003 8:18 PM
That's right asshole!  

From: Ross Entered on: September 8, 2003 9:40 PM
As for upgrading, I'm going down a new path - screw the Xbox - I'm hacking my TiVo! Mine has a lowly 40GB (roughly 40 hour) capacity, but I have been doing some reading - almost every TiVo (including mine) has room for 2 IDE drives in it. So in the simplest case, I could easily just pop in a 120GB drive (they have the 137GB limit too, but it can be hacked with some work) and quadruple my capacity. If I really wanted to get fancy, I could make it 2 120's. Also, there are ethernet cards you can buy for them, and connect up to them over your home network - they can download the TV listings via the internet instead of the phone, and you can even run a web server on it that will let you change your Tivo settings from abroad. This is going to be sweet!
From: The Bone Entered on: September 8, 2003 11:49 PM
Uh - shouldn't you be out getting some exercise instead?
From: BigFatty Entered on: September 9, 2003 12:32 AM
Bone - You gotta Download XBconnect so we can all linkup and play some halo! All you will need is the Xbox Link cable or a crossover cable - same thing. Hook that bitch into your computer long on to the internet and you are in business. We can all search for each other and enter the same games. Goto:  
I just got mine today and setting it up was easy - took 2 minutes!
From: The Bone Entered on: September 9, 2003 12:56 AM
I got XBconnect. I'll need to procure one hell of a long Link cable though, my shit is in another room. How long do they make em?  
Uh - maybe I should get out and exercise instead though.
From: Creeko Entered on: September 9, 2003 3:53 AM
- Zilla...  
Don't take Ross' spunky comments to seriously. After all that's his new "hard core" persona talkin'. I think it adds more spice to things.  
Thats what the new Ross is all about... Spunk and Spice.
From: Ross Entered on: September 9, 2003 6:43 AM
Fatty - How is he going to use a crossover cable? Isn't his ethernet port on his computer going to be used up by his connection to the cable modem? He'd have to have another ethernet card in his computer, wouldn't he?  
I had some other Halo-playing friends do XBconnect the other day and they had the same experience you guys had - on Blood Gulch, the opposing team all got sniper rifles and went to the four corners of the map. Whenever one of my friends spawned, they died instantly. Doesn't sound too fun to me. :)  
Bone - I'm still working out, dude. I slipped for a bit but I'm back on the wagon, and had a great workout last night. Upgrades are weekend activities.
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 9, 2003 8:40 AM

Fatty and I patched the BIOS to accept a HDD larger than 137 gig, flashed it to the Matrix chip (which we have decided freakin' RULES in a v1.0 xbox) and strapped in a new 250gig HDD. Now it's like the Little Shop of Horrors around here -- All Zillabox says is "FEED ME! FEED ME!" It's going to take some time to satiate this bad boy's appetite!

We'll definately have to all try Halo on XBConnect. My brother and I completed the campaign in Legendary mode so I'm quite high on my skills right now -- It's time to get my ass slapped into oblivion on-line!

From: Creeko Entered on: September 9, 2003 10:50 AM
I gotta go with the Bone on this one. You guys talk about Halo as if it were your job. I like it all right however I should say that I haven't fully experienced the multi-player mode because I?m possibly the only person in Spain with a Xbox and my friends can?t be considered hardcore gamers. I?m not a big FPS fan either. I always get my ass kicked in multi-player FPS games, which may lessen my desire to work for team Halo. If I ever make it to Grand Rapids for a Halo fest, I?ll bring my own corncob with a jar of Vaseline.  
Or perhaps I can try connecting with XBConnect so I can insert the cob in the privacy of my own home.
From: Ross Entered on: September 9, 2003 11:04 AM
As good as these guys are, they are in FPS Special Ed compared to some of those hardcore assholes on the internet. Now Roche was speculating that perhaps those Halo Rapists were using some cheats, and as Jack demonstrated, it is possible to hack Halo, so they may have had some aimbots or something like that to help them hit headshots with the sniper rifle on every try. In a lot of PC-based internet games, they try to control the use of cheats by having the servers run binary checks on your game to see if it's been tampered with - but those only keep track of the latest known cheats and someone out there is always coming up with something new. At first I was sure that they were simply getting whupped by far more experienced players (and that may very well be the case), but the more I think about it, it is entirely possible that cheats were involved. So you're better off sticking to getting your ass whupped by non-cheaters: even Fatty/Zilla/Roche can't kill you as soon as you appear 100% of the time!
From: Jackzilla Entered on: September 9, 2003 4:42 PM

I bet Johnny's got a chubby!

From: BigFatty Entered on: September 9, 2003 5:59 PM
Bone - Nevermind, I was thinking you had a router - which you don't of course. Getting you hooked up to XBconnect would involve far too much work for you. You would not be interested.  
Now go exercise, I'm busy getting fatter.
From: John Entered on: September 9, 2003 8:33 PM
Sweet Zilla!!!! When can you cut me one? I can't wait!!!
From: Ross Entered on: September 9, 2003 10:12 PM
I don't think it's out, I got excited for a minute too but it's just that they released the box art is all.
From: Ross Entered on: September 9, 2003 10:14 PM
By the way, Bone, I'm back on the exercise wagon hard core now. I was running at 7.0 for about 10 minutes today and did the rest at 6.5. It felt awesome. Of course that was my first treadmill outing in a while so I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow.
From: The Bone Entered on: September 10, 2003 12:59 AM
Congradulantions Ross. Coincidentally, I redoubled my efforts on the Zone. Although I just can't seem to get enough carbs by eating just vegetables. Anyhow, I bought an MP3 player so I have more motivation to run as well. It has to be done.
From: Creeko Entered on: September 10, 2003 7:17 AM
If you've redoubled your efforts then in effect you've quadrupled them.
From: Ross Entered on: September 10, 2003 7:12 AM
Yes Bone in fact the MP3 player is instrumental (no pun intended) in my cardio exploits. If it hadn't been for Prodigy's "Firestarter" coming on at an opportune moment, I would never have topped 6.5 mph.  
As far as vegetables go, I usually eat both fresh vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, or asparagus along with something easier to prepare, like applesauce or black beans. The latter being more filling. Also if I'm still hungry or a certain meal typically leaves me hungry I throw in some extra fat and that usually does the trick.
From: Creeko Entered on: September 10, 2003 7:19 AM
Asparagus pee smells nasty!
From: Ross Entered on: September 10, 2003 8:20 AM
Yes it does!
From: John Entered on: September 10, 2003 10:31 AM
Bert - I was excited to see GTA 3 / Vice until Zilla informed me it won't be out for a little while. I still can't wait!!!  
Creeko - Asparagus pee does smell funny, doesn't it?  
Bone - I've redoubled my efforts and I'm now eating four times as much food as a normal person would.
From: Ross Entered on: September 10, 2003 10:43 AM
Time to update the family crest!

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