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Entered on: June 12, 2007 9:42 AM by Jackzilla

Anyone else excited for... BIONIC WOMAN coming this fall on NBC? Don't laugh! The Six Million Dollar Man was the SHIT when I was a young lad. It looks like it could have some real potential as some of the folks behind BSG are doing it (in fact Starbuck from BSG plays the bad, original Bionic Woman).

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From: BigFatty Entered on: June 12, 2007 11:20 AM

Didn't you buy the complete Six Million Dollar Man series off of eBay and planned to re-watch the show because it was so good when you were a kid?  How far did you get?

Yep, I thought so..........

In todays dollars, six million wouldn't get you shit.  Good thing they are calling it the Bionic Woman.  If it was the Six Million Dollar woman I'd be expecting a chick with fake boobs, Lee Press On Nails, and a lifetime contract for Botox injections - plus an interest in older, rich men who are close to death.  Hmmmm, I think I'll wait before I set my Tivo. 

From: Jackzilla Entered on: June 12, 2007 12:05 PM

Yes, I bought the complete series of SMDM and Bionic Woman, bootlegged on eBay.  And I'm happy to report that they are every bit as sweet as I remember them.  The beginning of the SMDM is yet to be beat for getting one hyped for the show.

Regardless, I have many, many more episodes yet to watch.  I'm savoring them.  Yeah.

Don't even be making fun, either Fats... isn't Greg The Bunny on the top of your list!? 

From: Ross Entered on: June 12, 2007 1:52 PM

Hmm... could be goo, could be crap.  Sci fi on TV is always a gamble and only recently have they been able to consistently do it well with non-major-motion-picture-sized budgets. 

I tend to think this will tank if for no other reason than the lead character is a woman.  Now I can hear you all screaming "misogynist" at me right now, but hear me out, my message is the opposite.  Hollywood/TV studios have never taken the female superheroes (which I'd lump Bionic woman in with) seriously.  They're always second fiddle to their male counterparts and they never do the characters justice.  Think about it: Superman: good, Supergirl: shit.  Batman: good, Catwoman: megashit. Daredevil: meh, Elektra: not even fit to call excrement.  I guess the suits think that they can just cash in on the name brand, throw in some miniskirts or lingireie shots to appease the males, and skimp completely on the story.  

That said, Dark Angel was pretty good.  But that's the exception rather than the rule.  And it was an original story not piggybacking off an existing male-dominated character.
From: Ross Entered on: June 12, 2007 2:03 PM

But what about the end of the Sopranos?  Doesn't even warrant a comment?  I know Swerb blogged about it, but that's almost more of a reporting blow-by-blow account of the end (don't read if you haven't seen it).  Anyway, it was definitely controversial.  David Chase (the creator) has done this one interview that I know of, dicussing the ending.  

I personally thought it was fine.  Sure, I would have liked things to be tidier, but I thought it was still a great show, all in all.


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